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Thursday, May 28​

11:00 a.m.

The Promise vs. Reality of Standards-Based Reform

75 minutes

We reveal our key findings on the implementation and impact of college- and career-readiness standards on teaching and learning since their adoption in 2010. This session features a presentation of findings by the C-SAIL team as well as commentary from practitioners, policymakers, and researchers.

  • Moderators: Morgan Polikoff (USC), Amy Stornaiuolo (Penn)

  • PresentersAndy Porter (Penn), Mengli Song (AIR), Laura Desimone (UDel), Toni Smith (AIR), Mike Garet (AIR), Nelson Flores (Penn), Doug Fuchs (Vanderbilt), Lynn Fuchs (Vanderbilt)

  • Guest Commentators: Adam Gamoran (William T. Grant Foundation), Renee Bradley (U.S. Department of Education), Brent Malicote (Sacramento County Office of Education), Cathryn Still (ELPA21), Chrystalla Mouza (University of Delaware), Sarah Woulfin (University of Connecticut)Jeff Pelzel (Newhall School District, CA)

12:15 p.m.


15 minutes

12:30 p.m.

Breakout Discussions

45 minutes

Join small, topical discussion groups with leaders of policy, practice, and research from across the country to share reactions to C-SAIL's key takeaways, insights on making standards work for all students and thoughts on what's head for standards-based reform.

Participants are invited to join one of the following breakout discussion groups:

#1 Role of Core Curriculum Materials in Standards Implementation: Moderated by Morgan Polikoff (USC) with guest speakers Rachel Bradshaw (Tennessee Department of Education), Julia Kaufman (RAND), Cathryn Still (ELPA21), and Kate Watts (Monson Public Schools)


#2 Framing Multilingualism as a Resource for Standards-Aligned Instruction. Moderated by Nelson Flores (Penn) with guest speakers Samuel Aguirre (WIDA-ESPAÑOL), Joseph Luft (Internationals Network), Sung Park-Johnson (DePaul University), and Sabrina Wesley-Nero (Georgetown University)


#3 Standards-Based Leadership and Governance: Moderated by Adam Edgerton (Penn) with guest speakers Chad Aldeman (Bellwether Education Partners), Meredith Lowe (School District of Philadelphia), Brent Malicote (Sacramento County Office of Education), Jeff Pelzel (Newhall School District, CA), Robert Slavin (Johns Hopkins School of Education), and Andrew Townsend (Greenville City Schools)


#4 Professional Learning and the FAST experience: Moderated by Toni Smith (AIR) and Mike Garet (AIR) with Robert Berretta (School District of Philadelphia), Kelli Koch (Pickerington School District), Louisa Marine (FAST), Chrystalla Mouza (University of Delaware), Jennifer Quinn (FAST), and Sarah Woulfin (University of Connecticut)

#5 Standards, IEPs, and a Policy of Inclusion for Students with Disabilities: Moderated by Doug Fuchs (Vanderbilt) and Lynn Fuchs (Vanderbilt) with guest speakers Renee Bradley (U.S. Department of Education), Nicole Bucka (MTSS Rhode Island), Daniel Espinas (D.C. Public Schools), and Mitchell Yell (University of South Carolina)


1:15 p.m.


15 minutes

1:30 p.m.

Where Do We Go from Here?

30 minutes

  • Introductory remarks by James Benson (Institute of Education Science)

  • Keynote discussion with Linda Darling-Hammond (Learning Policy Institute) and C-SAIL Director Andy Porter (Penn) to discuss the future of standards-based reform.

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